Aer'feralen Book Two: The Surface

Part Two (note that this is not a stand-alone book; it is the continuation of the tale begun in "Three Threads". I highly recommend reading Part One before reading further!) An exile fleeing from an assassination attempt on her life, Silvantana finds herself on the alien sunlit world of the Surface. Her only companion is a persistent pseudodragon and her only hope is to find the mysterious woman in silver.

Aer'feralen Book One: Three Threads (2nd Ed.)

The tale begins! Silvantana is just two days from Coming of Age and beginning her life as an adult noblewoman in the cavern city of Erevy'nelaen. But she is about to be caught up in the dangerous currents of inter-racial politics. As her life explodes around her, the sheltered academic must draw on all her courage and learning in order to survive.