Characters - Ascarnen

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    Queen Regent Sharinida

    (shar-IHN-ih-duh) — 399 years old.

    Ascarna's second-born after the Descent, named Vlonerelace "second-born of the moon" at birth but promoted to queen regent by Ascarna on her deathbed. Current ruler of Erevy'nelaen. A gifted healer and generally regarded as one of the most beautiful moon elves alive.

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    First Daughter Amadisha

    (AHM-uh-DISH-uh) — 185 years old

    Sharinida's first-born daughter. Fair healer, some martial aptitude.

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    Second Daughter Amalica

    (col: uh-MAL-ih-ka, form: AHM-uh-LICK-uh) — 165 years old

    Sharinida's second-born daughter. Gifted healer.

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    Third Daughter Amanatha

    (AHM-uh-NATH-uh) — 73 years old

    Sharinida's third-born daughter. Possible Shadow affinity.

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    (SEHN-eh-luss) — 284 years old

    Ascarna's fifth-born after the Descent, identical twin of Ardulace. Even-tempered and friendly, she is the near opposite of her twin. Serves in the House Ascarnen militia. Moderately skilled elementalist. No daughters.

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    (ARD-jou-luss) — 284 years old

    Ascarna's sixth-born after the Descent, identical twin of Senelace. Branded with a single line from hairline to eyebrow over her left eye as punishment for setting her sister Vyunelace on fire as an infant. Serves in House Ascarnen militia. Skilled dualist. No daughters.

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    (VYOON-eh-luss) — 227 years old

    Ascarna's seventh-born following the Descent. Burned alive as a child and barely saved by healers, she grew into a timid and unskilled adult and still bears burn scars on her neck, shoulders, and back. Works as a scribe in the Ascarnen Keep's library. Minor Shadow affinity. No daughters.