About the Author

Gary Triplett first began to envision the world of Aer'ferala around 1990, after finishing his Computer Science degree. Gary is one of those "full brain" people, tormented by urges from both the analytical and creative sides of the mind. He began his career as a programmer, but spent his free time drawing and writing early drafts of this story and its characters, as well as hundreds of short stories in support of various games.

Around 1998 he decided to take a working vacation from programming for a year or so and go explore his curiousity about the people and culture of Japan as a teacher. It was in large part the years of hobby writing that gave Gary the skill and confidence to pursue a teaching career. Unfortunately, or fortunately, a financial crisis struck the Asian sector and Japan limited the number of JET applicants it was accepting that year. A friend knew of a similar program for teaching in South Korea, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the next decade, Gary worked in Korea teaching English, first paying his dues as a hagwan teacher for elementary students before landing a job at Daejin Univeristy as a Guest Professor of English. The working vacation became a decade. It was during this time, teaching Koreans and at times Chinese, Japanese and Russian students, that Gary came to appreciate more fully the nature of people. No matter our ethnicity, political systems or class, we all seek the same things: love, respect and the freedom to pursue our life goals.

Around 2008, after finishing a Master of Science in Information Technology (MScIT), the desire to return to Silvantana's world started becoming overpowering. The repressed creative side of his mind would be denied no longer! Knowing he wanted to have not only a good story but also quality illustrations in his books, Gary once again took up pencils and keyboard and spent his time drawing, writing, and studying techniques for both. In 2010 he had the opportunity to attend a drawing class by fantasy art master Larry Elmore, and like the clouds rolling back and the sun shining down, all the study and practice came together, and his art began to improve markedly.

In 2011 Gary left Korea to pursue his dream full-time, or at least as long as his savings or success will allow.