About Aer'ferala


~ (year unknown) Pre-Origin

Information about this period is sketchy, a "best guess" made from what can be deciphered of human and dwarven mythology, archaeological finds and logic. It is likely that an Edo-fukkoronsha colony ship made an exodus from Earth at the dawn of the Imperium (2144-2148 EA) and arrived on the planet several hundred years before the Origin event. At least one large city, Honsho, and numerous satellite settlements arose on the planet, but were destroyed and abandoned, presumably by war. The survivors spent centuries in hunter/gatherer packs and have only in recent centuries begun accumulating in larger numbers along the banks of the Arden'dule.

~ (0 AO) The Origin

What is recorded as the "Origin" is actually the destructon of the feralen deep-space exploration cruiser Starfire. Most of the command crew and a few lucky others survived the destruction of the ship in a drop-pod that then crashed into the Arden'dule just west of the Midland forest, near the location of modern day Corvalis. There were ten survivors, but the child Thor'a Kyala was born the very day of the Origin, to make eleven. In later days, these survivors, along with an officer who went down with the Starfire, became collectively known as The Twelve.

~ (41 AO) The Recovery of the Forty

(to be revealed in a future Vignette)

~ (42 - 368 AO) The Construction of Aer'feralys

The Eleven, as they were called at this time, along with the newly rescued Forty, embarked on an ambitious plan to build a beautiful, defensible walled city in the heart of the Midland forest to house and shelter the slowly growing feralen population. Chief among the constructions projects was the University and its Grand Library, where the information hand-copied from the fading drop-pod and sleeper module computers could be stored. It is during these centuries that the mythos of the Eleven grew to legendary proportions—for the entertainment of the children, it was claimed—far exceeding many of the actual people they were based on.

~ (367 - 415 AO) The Debates

With feralen population growing and the glorious city of Aer'feralys nearly complete, attention turned towards addressing the relation the feralen should hold to the other races of Aer'ferala. While it was generally agreed that trade relations with the dwarves were advantageous, and felings were nothing more than wild animals, the feralen became sharply divided on the human issue. Four political camps eventually emerged, each championed by one of the Twelve. Despite the failures at Siri, King Solon still believed humans could be educated to live in harmony with nature and the other races. Queen Ascarna believed the solution was merging the races, an idea many feralen found abhorrent. Kyrlania believed humans were racially predisposed—regardless of education or breeding—to swarm and consume the planet and advocated complete extermination before their numbers grew too numerous. Lady Miranada called for total avoidance, abandoning the Midlands and even Aer'feralys in favor of climates inhospitable to the far less adaptable humans. A series of events in 415 AO caused tensions to climax in a brief and relatively bloodless civil war, divided the feralen into their modern political factions.

~ (415-416 AO) The Descent

Queen Ascarna and her followers, having suffered political defeat, were exiled from Aer'feralys. Although the exile was bloodless, certain overzealous followers of the victorious King Solon took up armed pursuit to ensure the future moon elves were driven far from the Midlands. Ascarna and her followers sheltered in an abandoned dwarven mine in the eastern Thorim'aran, which collapsed and left them trapped and wandering blind in a maze of caverns and chambers until the eventual discovery of the crystal chamber that would become Erevy'nelaen.

~ (681 AO) The Birth of Silvantana

Read the event here.

~ (861 AO) Current

The events of the Aer'feralen pentalogy occur here.


~ Dwarves

Descendants of the human colony ship's Cetien engineers. At some point pre-Origin the dwarves (so-called by humans due to their short stature,) separated from the human settlements and founded their own colonies in the foothills of what came to be named the Thorim'aran. It was there that one of the Twelve, the half-feralen/half-Cetien Thorim, gathered a number of them to assist him in penetrating the mountain ranges themselves and ultimately founded the twelve great dwarven cities, Thorimar chief among them. The dwarves that did not follow Thorim into the mountains are generally considered "lesser" dwarves by the mountain-dwellers and derisively called "hill dwarves".

~ Felings

A race of felids native to the planet Aer'ferala. Felings are generally smaller than the average feralen but larger than dwarves and walk on four legs. There have been unverified sightings of larger felings, and some that reportedly walk on two legs.

~ Humans

Descendants of a human colony ship likely launched during pre-Imperium Earth's Edo-fukkoronsha (Edo revival) era. While there are evidences of a once much more advanced human civilization, the current state of the race is far devolved from the humans who once ruled the stars.

~ Ice Elves (faele'lanen)

Feralen who sided with Lady Miranada during the Debates and followed her away from Aer'feralys after the brief civil war. Most ice elves live in small towns scattered across the frozen north. Gender roles are strictly adhered to in ice elf society. Males hunt, farm, gather, craft, and protect. Females educate, administrate, heal, and care for children. Males are generally not taught to read. Males trace lineage through their father and grandfather; females trace lineage through their mother and grandmother. Ice elves draw their energy from sunlight and cold and tend to be strong in elemental focus. They generally have pearly white skin, pale blue or gray eyes and pale or white hair.

~ Moon Elves (ere'lanen)

Feralen who sided with Queen Ascarna during the Debates and followed her into exile after the brief civil war. Most moon elves live in the cavern city of Erevy'nelaen. Due to the nature of the adaptation visited upon them by Ascarna in order to survive the deep radiations of their new home, moon elf females tend to be taller and stronger than the average male and hold most positions of authority in Erevy'nelaen society. Lineage is traced through the female line. Moon elves draw their energy from ambient radiation, radioactive materials, and reflected light (moonlight,) and tend to be strong in Shadow focus. They generally have dark gray to black skin, red eyes and thin white hair. Males generally cannot grow facial hair. Ascarna and her offspring tend to be strong in Shadow-based healing.

~ Sun Elves (sole'lanen)

Feralen who sided with King Solon during the Debates. Most sun elves live in the capital city of Aer'feralys. Males and females hold equal authority in sun elf society. Lineage is traced through the male line. Sun elves draw their energy from sunlight and tend to be strong in elemental focus. They generally have pale skin, pale green or pale blue eyes and light hair. Solon and his offspring usually have gold hair.

~ Wild Elves (kyre'lanen)

Feralen who sided with Kyrlania during the Debates and followed her away from Aer'feralys following the brief civil war. Wild elves live in hidden treetop villages throughout the southern Midland forest, and lineage is traced by clan. Males and females hold equal authority in wild elf society, although the females tend to be more aggressive hunters. Wild elves draw their energy from nature and living things, and tend to be strong in melee focus. Some are rumored to have developed the ability to change their form to that of other creatures, although the rumor is unsubstantiated. Wild elves generally have brown skin, eyes, and hair. Kyrlania and her offspring are known to have very red hair.


~ Aer'feralys

(AIR fer-AL-ihs) — fig: 'city of the new world' — The feralen capital city, completed in the year 368 AO. Home of the sun elves, ruled by King Solon. Estimated population: 4,000.

~ Corvalis

(kohr-VAHL-ihs) — distortion of Nyu-Kobe 'New Kobe' in human language — One of the largest of a cluster of human settlements on the north bank of the Ardendule. First transcribed as "Kor-ve city" and adapted into feralen use as a more pleasing "cor-va-lys."

~ Erevy'nelaen

(AIR-eh-VIE nehl-ain) — eld: 'moonlit crystal encompassment/cavern' — The moon elf home city, founded by exiled Queen Ascarna and her followers after the Debates (see Descent.) Located in the upper reaches of the eastern Thorim'aran. The cavern is split crosswise by the Oronfer'dhur and features a narrow crack in its ceiling open to the sky. Currently ruled by Queen Regent Sharinida, estimated population 5,000.

~ Siri / Siri Project

A small village of half-human/half-feralen currently administered by Lady Graeyana of Aer'feralys. Begun by King Solon as an educational experiment to cull the best and brightest from among the human villages and educate them with feralen respect for life and nature. The original goal was to send the "enlightened" humans back to their home villages to propagate their new understandings. Unfortunately, the diminutive lifespans and memory of humans proved to be a challenge, and the wise old men and women returned to their original villages, when they could be found, were cast out or killed for witchcraft, sorcery, demonic possession, or other moral sins. Queen Ascarna quietly assumed control of the Siri Project, as it became known, converting it into an experiment for crossbreeding volunteer feralen and humans. When word of the Project's new purpose leaked, many feralen objected, calling it abomination, triggering the Debates.

~ Thorimar

(THOR-ih-mahr) — Capital city of the dwarves, located in the central Thorim'aran.